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Week 7 Preview with Exciting Games Ahead

Biggest Games

Game #3: Team Simms vs. ISS JUS USS

Wednesday night’s headliner comes at a precarious time for IJU, as they are

straddling the edge of the playoff bracket. They currently sit in seventh place, and only the

top eight teams make it to postseason play. Their play over the past few weeks has been

sloppy, and they’ve repeatedly failed to beat the teams ahead of them in the standings. That

being said, they get the chance to improve their record to 6-6 with a win against Team

Simms on Wednesday, assuming they beat TF Ford this Sunday. Shannon Shorter will have

to keep up his impressive play, and John Gillon needs to get on a hot streak if they want to

safely make the field.

Game #2: Competitive Choice vs. Buff All-Stars

Within a mostly lousy group of matchups Sunday, CCI will get their chance at former

team member Kalil Potts and the Buff All-Stars. Buff is now on a three-game win streak,

jumping up to fifth place in the standings. Their best win over that span is last week against

IJU, but they also haven’t upset anyone yet this year. They are likely to be in the playoffs,

but they need to prove they can hang with the best teams.

Game #1: Competitive Choice vs. “STB” Nuff Said

After a lousy Sunday, this is the kind of Monday we deserve. Danuel House and Nuff

Said will get a rematch of the opening game of the year, where CCI and Coach Casey

outclassed the more talented team. House and crew are more acclimated to each other

now, and I’d be surprised if they don’t come out guns blazing and attempt to break CCI’s

defense early. However, Competitive Choice is fully capable of keeping up in a shootout, but

it’s a matter of whether they are comfortable with that style.

Player Matchup to Watch

Dee Harrison vs. John Gillon

Jonathon Simmons and Shannon Shorter will get theirs. We’ve seen that all season.

So, that means the deciding factor in Wednesday’s game will be their star guards. Both are

prolific scorers, capable of torching multiple defenders possession after possession. They

both enjoy jumpers off the dribble, and both get antsy when they don’t have the ball in their

hands. Neither is a plus defender, so that makes this matchup even more enticing to watch.

I’d bet whoever has the better game will propel their team to a victory.

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