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Week 6 Recap with Amazing Victories and Unfortunate Losses

Through some exciting weeks, and some lesser ones (like this past week), there have been plenty of teams and individual players who have caught the eye and deserve to be talked about. And since this past week was a bit dry, with everyone needing to get into gear after the holiday week, I’m going to talk about just that, the games and teams and players who have brought their best for this league.

Team Rankings:

No. 1 – Competitive Choice

Best Wins: “STB” Nuff Said 73-63; Team Simms 66-64

Worst Loss: Team Geaux 61-58

A real no brainer here, the most dominant team of the past three-plus weeks are

Commissioner/Coach Casey and his rag-tag squad. Their press defense is something to

behold, forcing teams to take what they can get as defenders fly through passing lanes and

hound stalled players. Don’t sleep on their offense though, with their combination of

shooting and pick and roll game; they are very hard to contend with.

No. 2 – “STB” Nuff Said

Best Wins: Team Simms 79-66; ISS JUS USS 92-89

Worst Loss: Mob Ties 70-65

Danuel House’s team is mean and very good. Their dominant threesome of House

and Rashad Woods and D’Mond Grismore can carry this team to greatness, past even the

great defense above them on this list. They can practically score at will, and House is one of

the best players and defenders in the league.

No. 3 – Team Simms

Best Wins: ISS JUS USS 66-63; The Org 71-67

Worst Loss: TJ Ford

Jonathon Simmons is the other NBA player in the league, and it shows. He and Dee

Harrison command the most dominant offensive attack in the league, with each able to rain

threes and get to the rim as they please. They also happen to be a very testy squad, capable

of blowing up at any given moment. They have picked up the most techs thus far, and they

can definitely get in their own way if they don’t get their act together before the playoffs


No. 4 – The Organization

Best Win: CCI 61-58

Worst Loss: Cooz Elite 92-76

No. 5 – Team Geaux

Best Win: CCI 61-58

Worst Loss: TJ Ford 106-103

No. 6 – Buff All-Stars

Best Win: ISS JUS USS 87-78

Worst Loss: Team Geaux 81-68


Best Win: Mo Better 88-77

Worst Loss: CCI 70-51

I feel like I should justify that their worst loss came to the best team in the league.

Competitive Choice walked all over IJU that night. They took IJU’s lunch money. They gave

IJU the biggest wedgie of their life and strung them up by their undies up the flagpole.

Whatever euphemism you please, IJU was humiliated that night, by far the worst loss

they’ve had.

No. 8 – Mo Better

Best Win: Team Geaux 61-59

Worst Loss: Cooz Elite 82-43

All-League Teams

First Team:

G – Shaq Burrell

G – Shannon Shorter

F – Jonathon Simmons

F – Danuel House

C – Reggie Onwukamuche

Second Team:

G - Dee Harrison

G – John Gillon

F – Wayne McCollough

F – Rashad Woods

C – D’Mond Grismore

Award Projections

Players are only eligible after playing six games. No Repeats.


3 rd – Wayne McCollough

2 nd – Jonathon Simmons

1 st – Danuel House

I wrote earlier in the season that House’s game resembles Lebron James in a relative

sense, the size and speed of this league being lower and his skills just being so above par.

He controls a game like no one else and contributes more to winning than any other player.

He can and does shut down any player he guards, and no other singular player can guard

him well enough. Even without Woods and Grismore, I’d be surprised if Nuff Said wasn’t in

the title game.

Toughest to Guard

3 rd – John Gillon

2 nd – Jonathon Simmons

1 st – Dee Harrison

One of the best shooters, and definitely one of the more rambunctious players in the

league, Dee can put up points like no other. His twitch at the top of the key is unrivaled in

this league, and there are very few players who are faster than him. If he wanted to, he

could probably hang any number on any player in this league.


3 rd – PJ Alawoya

2 nd – David Burrell

1 st – Rex Baxter

This award goes to the player who most embodies the No Excuses mentality

emblazoned upon this league. The player who cuts the hardest, boxes out as fiercely as he

can, rebounds above his size, and takes the blame when he makes a mistake. I’m certain

every team could use Rex in their lineup.

Defensive Player of the Year

5 th – D’Mond Grismore

4 th – David Burrell

3 rd – Jonathon Simmons

2 nd – Danuel House

1 st – Shaq Burrell

I don’t really like this vote; there are too many good defenders to choose from. So,

that being said, I assume my vote on this will change by the time playoffs come around. But,

for now, Shaq is the fastest player in the league, and his combination of length, intelligence,

and ball skills create a masterful defensive artist.

Mr. Clutch:

3 rd – Wayne McCollough

2 nd – Danuel House

1 st – Jonathon Simmons

I have seen some big shots made this season, but most of them have been taken and

made by Jonathon Simmons. He is crazy good at stepping up when his team needs a big

shot to shut down the opponent. Expect him to hit the big shots in the last few weeks of this


-Mathew Soderberg

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