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Team Buff Takes Control in the End

Week 2 Day 3

Buff vs Mo Better

In a game that looked like Mo Better maintained control throughout, Team Buff

came away with the 68-61 win. The game had a lot of three-point attempts, and with how

both teams were playing, that meant a lot of missing. Mo Better would go on a run to cut

the lead to a manageable number and then immediately let Buff ramp it back up to seven,

over and over and over. Mo had more rebounds, steals, and blocks, while tying Buff in

assists, but they just couldn’t get their shots to fall consistently. Then, by the end of the

fourth, everyone’s shots were going in, but Mo couldn’t get a timely stop.

Team Buff (2-2) gets to .500 on the season with a sloppy win. Their turnovers led to

lots of transition for Mo Better, but because Mo couldn’t make a shot, that led to transition

makes for Buff. With Jones, Begley, Sullivan, and Young all scoring in double digits, the

team’s scoring patterns were erratic enough to throw Mo’s defense off balance. It also

helped the Mo double teamed Mike Sneed through the first quarter, allowing the rest of

Buff to take advantage of the lazy rotations. Buff will look to gain a winning record against

the Houston Flights on Sunday.

Mo Better (1-2) looked like the dominant team throughout, easily outrebounding

Buff and getting better shots; they just couldn’t make those shots go through the hoop.

Terry Johnson had 15 points, and Aubrey Coleman and Kalil Potts each had ten, but in a 48-

minute game no one else could score more than six. Maybe the most disappointing sign of

the night came with Mo’s reluctance to shoot open threes, instead stepping inside the arc

for contested long twos repeatedly. Mo Better will hope for a better shooting night against

CCI’s potent defense on Sunday.

-Matthew Soderberg

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