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"STB" Nuff Said Has the Most Impressive Win in Week 7

After another chalky week, it’s time for the week seven recap! Today I’ll be going

over the biggest wins of the week, the biggest upsets, and the most impressive

performances on the court. Then to top it off, we’ll look at how that affects this week’s

outlook and the playoff implications as well.

Most Impressive Win – “STB” Nuff Said 59-58 over CCI

“STB” stepped into the ring against the top-rated team in the league and took home

the W in the most contentious matchup of the season. House led his team against the

always feisty Competitive Choice squad valiantly, leading his team in scoring and rebounds

for the umpteenth time this season. The most impressive part of this win was the playing

style throughout. CCI controlled the tempo and controlled most of what Nuff Said was able

to do during the game, but House and his crew were up to the task of taking on the

defensive monster in front of them and were able to retake first place with only one week

until the playoffs begin.

Most Depressing Loss – IJU 69-72 to TJ Ford

The defending champs have stumbled to the bottom third of the standings after

losing to the last place TJ Ford on Sunday. ISS JUS USS was able to fend off most of TJ Ford’s

attacks throughout the first half, but after Shannon left in the third quarter, the team went

lifeless and wasn’t able to maintain any meaningful lead. For the first time this season IJU

was able to put five guys on the floor who can score in double digits, but unfortunately for

them, they allowed the undersized squad across from them to do just the same. IJU has

been without John Gillon for some time now, and it seems that the tandem of Shannon

Shorter and Jermaine Greene won’t be enough to get them to the postseason this year.

Player of the Week – Jeremy Combs (Cooz Elite)

Jeremy Combs balled out this past week, averaging 27.5 and 6.5 over their two wins.

It hurts that both of those wins came against two of the bottom teams over the past month,

but Combs stepped up when they needed him in those must-win games, and if they want to

make the playoffs he will need to continue his stellar play into tonight’s win or go home

matchup with the rising Mo Better squad.

Current Standings (1 game remaining)

“STB” Nuff Said (10-2) - x

CCI (9-3) - x

Team Simms (9-3) - x

The Org (7-5) - x

Buff All-Stars (7-5) - x

Houston Flights (5-7)

Cooz Elite (5-7)

Mo Better (4-7)

Team Geaux (4-8)

IJU (4-8)

Mob Ties (4-8)

TJ Ford (3-8)

Most Impactful Game of the Week – Cooz Elite vs. Mo Better

Come out tonight to see two of the hottest teams in the league face off for a spot in

the playoffs! Cooz Elite boasts the reigning POW with Jeremy Combs, but new additions in

Tha Sho and Reggis Onwukamuche have helped Mo Better to reach contention status over

the last two weeks. The winner of tonight’s game will clinch a spot in the playoffs, and no

other game this week has that kind of swaying power.

Best Game of the Week – Team Simms vs. “STB” Nuff Said

Wednesday’s game will have major effects on the top of the standings heading into

playoffs next week, plus it features the two best players in the league going head to head.

Jonathon Simmons and Danuel House will face off for only the second time this season, and

it’s sure to be a fiery game both on the court and from the benches.

My Projected Playoffs

#1 CCI vs. #8 Houston Flights

#2 “STB” Nuff Said vs. #7 IJU

#3 Team Simms vs. #6 Mo Better

#4 Buff vs. #5 The Org

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