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Outstanding Defense from CCI

Mob Ties vs Competitive Choice

Competitive Choice came through with their stifling defense all game long against

Mob Ties for a 72-54 win. CCI’s West Virginia style full court press frustrated Mob

throughout, causing issues on inbound passes and transition alike. After the first quarter

ended with a ten-point difference, Mob made the fatal mistake of trying to run with CCI,

rather than trying to slow the game down. All that choice did was let CCI’s springy athletes

go to work as Shaq Burrell and Kasey Shepherd ran the ball down Mob’s throat.

Competitive Choice (2-2) excels at playing their defense, and Coach Casey is

adamant that they play their defense. And because they have the deepest bench in the

league, and one of the fastest players in Shaq Burrell, they excel at the full court press.

That’s all the more impressive when it normally takes West Virginia months to perfect it,

whereas CCI implements it night after night without practice to their opponents’ dismay. As

long as they can consistently put up 60 points a game, no bad team on their schedule

should come close to beating them throughout the regular season. CCI gets to have fun next

with Mo Better on Sunday.

Mob Ties (1-3) was just physically outmatched against CCI. Their athletes weren’t

up to the task of running with their opponent, and their bench isn’t deep enough to just

keep throwing guys onto the floor like CCI can. Ryan White, Delvin Dickerson, and Vanders

Christie combined for only 32 points, basically saying to their bench they need to put up 40

points tonight. If a team is going to beat CCI, they need one or two dominant scorers, or a

defense good enough to hold CCI below 60 points. Mob Ties couldn’t put together either

option, and they left Fonde with a loss because of it. They’ll try to get back on track Sunday

against Team Simms.

-Matthew Soderberg

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