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Intense 1st Game to Kick Off the Season

Week 1 Day 1

Competitive Choice Inc. vs. “STB” Nuff Said

Despite big games from Danuel House and D’Mond Grismore, “STB” Nuff Said fell to

CCI 73-63. The final differential only ended up at ten points, but before garbage time, CCI

led by as many as 19. House and Grismore combined for 23 of the 33 Nuff Said points in the

second half, torching a lazy CCI in the late fourth, but their opponent’s depth was too much

to contend with in the first game of the season.

CCI looked incredibly sharp for three and a half quarters, employing a nasty full

court press with their three guards rotating on the inbound pass. Anytime CCI was found

flat-footed, Coach Casey would immediately hound his team and get them right back into

position. In their strong first half, CCI was led by strong showings from Wayne McCollough

and Kasey Shepherd, as they repeatedly hit big threes or combined for high-flying dunks to

silence any Nuff Said runs. And by the time Nuff Said was laboring in the third, point guard

Shaq Burrell turned up the speed, allowing Jerran Young to get nine second-half points,

while Shaq grabbed five steals on defense to finish off their opponent. After the win on

opening day, Competitive Choice will bring their winning record with them to face The

Organization on Wednesday at 7:30.

Nuff Said failed to impress until late in the fourth quarter. Danuel House and D’Mond

Grismore scored over half their points in the game, but nobody else could muster more

than six to help out. Their defense was often sloppy in the half court throughout the game,

resulting in bad rotations and open threes rained down upon them. Their big highlights

came after the game was practically over, as House threw down some intimidating dunks

and drew a few fouls as the game was winding to a close. House and Nuff Said will look to

get to an even record on Monday at 8:45 against a dominant looking Team Simms.

-Matthew Soderberg

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