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Danuel House Dominates the Game

Week 1 Day 2

Team Simms vs “STB” Nuff Said

In a testy game that featured two techs and a flagrant, Nuff Said walked away with

the win 79-66. The game was very competitive through most of the first half, but the

momentum shifted when Dee Harrison picked up a tech near the end of the half reacting to

a questionable charge call. Even with all the hubbub, the biggest stat of the night had to be

Nuff Said (1-1) spending eight minutes without House or Grismore on the floor in the first

half, but the team only losing those minutes by one point. That rest may have been the

difference, as over the next eighteen minutes, Nuff Said brought around a twelve-point

swing to give them a ten-point lead at the end of the third.

Danuel House dominated today’s game, putting up 26 points and six rebounds while

also playing some of the best defense on the floor. Arab Ace added another 14 points to the

mix, while D’Mond Grismore helped out with eight and seven, including some huge dunks

late in the fourth quarter to put away the game. After losing in a sloppy game against

Competitive Choice on Sunday, Coach Ryno got his team in line and ready to face another

very talented opponent. Their next game will come with a tough matchup against ISS JUS

USS (0-1) on Sunday at 3:50.

Team Simms (1-1) was the Simmons show tonight, as Jonathan put up 31 points and

eight rebounds to keep his team in the game. Dee Harrison had 16 with three assists and

four steals, but his quick trigger on the three took away too many opportunities for his

team throughout the game. They held the lead through most of the first half due to their

dominant rebounding against a larger Nuff Said squad, but as the lead mounted against

them, their effort on the glass waned. Team Simms will need more help from their

peripheral players in their next game, The Organization (1-0) on Sunday at 5:00.

-Matthew Soderberg

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