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Myron Allen: A 'Sho' Waiting To Happen

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

There comes a time in a basketball player's career were they come face-to-face with a guy who's an absolute tough cover. Well Myron "Tha Sho" Allen has been known to give players a battle on the court, and you will get a chance to see why if you attend this year's NEX Pro League, beginning June 10, 2018.

For sometime now Myron Allen has been an outstanding basketball player, not just in the Houston Area, but also in the world.

The 6'0 ft. lefty guard was a freakish athlete in his younger days, and the opposing teams could attest to that. He made his mark by always being in attack mode on the offensive end of the court, and could surprise big-men with a high-flying dunk down the lane. For those who don't know who Myron "Tha Sho" Allen is and need a comparison, he's like the Russell Westbrook type of PG. Allen's tenacious driving abilities coupled with the focus to finish plays, were something others couldn't stop.

He earned the name "Tha Sho" during his time at the Houston Pro-Am League, where he completely dominated competition night in and night out. Every Monday and Wednesday people from the Houston area would flock to the Fonde Recreational Center, to see what display of skills he would put on that day. His dazzling skills took him all over the world to play the game that he loves, and put on a show like he always did.

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