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Danuel is in the House!

That is what was announced over the loud speakers and mic at the Fonde Recreational Center as he walked in! "Danuel is in the House!" A great play on words and enthusiasm got the attention of many spectators at the NEX Pro League games.

What really got the attention of the fans, is Danuel House high-flying dunks and game-winning 3-quarters court shot that won them the Championship Game. But before we get into the good stuff about his eventful summer in the league, we must first talk about his journey to get to the league; that being the National Basketball Association.

Danuel House grew up in Houston Area like every other athlete who participated in the league, and played part of his high school basketball career at Sharpstown High School. After becoming a big-time name around the basketball community his 10th grade year, he took his talents to Hightower High School on the other side of town. There he continued his domination as one of the best SG/SF to come out of the 2012 Class, which was loaded with talent from top to bottom.

After his time in high school, he made the decision to stay home and attend University of Houston on an athletic scholarship.

Once again he quickly became one of the most promising young player for the Houston Cougars, and put on his high-flying dunks display in Conference USA. Two seasons into his college career at U of H, he made the decision to transfer to SEC powerhouse Texas A & M University. Once again he blossomed into one of the premier student-athletes in the country, hitting big shot after big shots for the Aggies as they made a National Tournament appearance.

His performed at Texas A & M on Nationally Televised games, gave him the profile to further his career in the big leagues. After working out with multiple NBA teams, he finally landed in Washington with the Wizards and eventually the Phoenix Suns. He brought all his talents to the NEX Pro League, where he flat out dominated on both ends of the court. Showing up mid-season for Team "Nuff Said" House seemed to not miss a beat with his team. Game after game his skills and hunger started to show more, and he quickly became the leader of the team. He put on a show for fans every time he suited up, and finished the season out with a bang. With the time winding down against Houston's Flight new addition Isaiah Taylor (ATL Hawks) who had a BIG-TIME GAME, House puts up a shot from half-court and the rest is history.

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